Graphene Technology Solutions

GTS is a recent start-up, which recognises the enormous potential value of graphene and it’s aim is to capitalise on this opportunity by being be a world class developer and producer of graphene and graphene enhanced additive products.

GTS is rapidly building a team of industry experts, capable of undertaking significant R&D together with the University of Adelaide. Furthermore the team at GTS has a track record at commercialising businesses with strong investor relations, corporate governance and entrepreneurship.

The University of Adelaide is the headquarters of the ARC Graphene Research Hub. It is the Australian leader in graphene R&D.

The Hub has expertise in the research and development of graphene production technologies, graphene materials and their products across broad industry sectors, including; protective coatings, conductive films, polymer composites, graphene inks, filters, adsorbents, sensing devices, antennas, super-capacitors etc.

Its success is evidenced by 6 patent applications, 3 licensed technologies and over 40 products.

The graphene team has over 40 researchers with broad skills and expertise as well as several world class dedicated graphene research labs, lab scale graphene production, graphene processing facilities, products and device prototyping facilities and a broad range of characterisation equipment.

The team has strong links and collaboration with key Graphene research groups in Australia, European Graphene Flagship, UK, USA, South Korea and a partnership with China Graphene International Alliance (CGIA).

In the last 4 years over 15 research projects have been successfully completed for industry partners.

graphene lab at university of adelaide